“The Morph of Ashley”

Ashley has been a drug user for more than half of her life. She has a twelve-year history of prescription drug abuse and a six-year history of Methadone.

Ashley wanted to stop – but struggled with the painful and often incapacitating Methadone withdrawal symptoms. Going to the Methadone clinic each morning was both time-consuming and frustrating for Ashley. She shares that each day she felt like a 60-year-old until the medicine hit and provided her with her “normal.”

Ready to take control of her addiction, Ashley began using the Morph Device. The device helped her avoid the crippling Methadone withdrawal symptoms of nausea, vomiting, tremors and sweating.

Ashley detoxed over 17 days. Ashley’s journey with the Morph Device was documented by her husband and you can you can follow the full journey here.

The Morph Device – My Detox Experience

My Opioid Addiction Experience

The Morph Device – Patient 1

The Morph Technology