Frequently Asked Questions


The device is categorized as a Class II medical device specifically contradicted for use by patients with cardiac pacemakers, hemophilia, and psoriasis vulgaris. Any bleeding disorders, blood thinning medications, psoriasis in or around the ear would disqualify you from using the device.

The device should be left on for the period of time recommended by your treating clinician. The device is designed to provide neuro-modulating signals over 4-10 days.

The MORPH DEVICE is designed for a single use, for ACUTE pain and detox. In rare situations a second device may need to be placed. Please discuss with your provider.

Acute pain will begin to diminish significantly in less than 30 minutes in most cases. Detox symptoms will begin to diminish in less than 15 minutes in most cases.

If you begin to feel increased symptoms, that is significant, the most likely reason, is you’re your needle implants have become loose. Do the “pinch test” to reset them. You may need to place new circle bandages in some situations. If after you have done this and waited 15 minutes, and your pain persists, contact your provider. Your provider may have non-narcotic medications that will assist you.

No. Your body will become attenuated or “used to” the pulsing so you may not always feel it. Just because you don’t feel it does NOT mean it isn’t working. If you have any questions call your provider and discuss this with them.

On rare occasions a patient may feel a stinging sensation where the electrodes are implanted. This is only a sensation and you will not get burned. If this happens, a gentle squeeze with your fingers (Pinch Test) will help take care of the problem. If you try this and the pain continues please call your treatment provider.

Yes. You need to take special care to not get the device wet while showering or washing your hair. Do not go swimming with the device in place. Do not immerse in water. It is an extremely safe, water resistant, low voltage electronic device that will simply stop working if the batteries get wet. And NO, you won’t get shocked if it gets wet.

Both males and females should wear a shower cap covering the device during showering or bathing.

Although extremely rare, there may be some side effects, which may include: Skin irritation, Bleeding or infection at the site of implantation, Pain at the site of implantation, A sore ear, Allergic reactions to the tape and adhesive, fainting and dizziness, recommended that you do not drive or operate machinery for the first 24 hours after application or if dizziness or light headedness persist.

Place the device in waste bag provided by your treating clinician. Be sure to bring the waste bag containing the used device with you to your next treatment date. The clinician will properly dispose of it. We hope we have addressed any questions you may have about your treatment and what to expect. If you have any further questions please to be sure to ask your healthcare provider.