A Compassionate and Effective Detox Solution

The Morph Device offers opioid-dependent patients a 100% drug-free way to withdrawal. The device is cleared by the FDA to help significantly reduce the painful symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The Morph Device is a small electrical nerve stimulator placed behind a patient’s ear. It stimulates the cranial nerves in the ear to aid in the reduction of withdrawal symptoms.

How It Works

• The Morph Device is a percutaneous nerve field stimulator (PNFS). Once implanted, the device causes electrical stimulation which enhances the release of neuropeptides in patient’s central nervous system. These neuropeptides then bind with specific receptors to alleviate the physical symptoms of withdrawal.
• The Morph Device can last up to 10 days.
• It can achieve more than a 60% reduction of withdrawal scores after just 20 minutes of use.
• 80% reduction of withdrawal scores within 60 minutes.
• The device can be tested anytime in the 10-day period to ensure it’s working properly.

Removing Pain as a Treatment Barrier

A recent March 2018 survey of professionals in the addiction treatment field found most patients consider the “pain of withdrawal” as the number one barrier to seeking opioid addiction treatment. Further, between four and five out of every 10 patients quit detox because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms. The Morph Device helps to remove that pain and fear that comes along with withdrawal – helping more patients successfully transition to treatment.

What is the Morph Device?

Important details about the Morph Device:
• It is a physician-prescribed device and not directly available to the public.
• The Morph Device is categorized as a Class II medical device specifically for patients with cardiac pacemakers, hemophilia and psoriasis vulgaris.
• Side effects of the Morph Device are generally rare but include skin irritation, bleeding or infection at the implantation site, pain at the implantation site, sore ear, allergic reactions to the tape/adhesive, fainting or dizziness.
• Patients taking blood thinning medications or those with bleeding disorders or psoriasis in or around the ear are disqualified from using this device.
• Avoid driving or operating machinery for the first 24 hours after application, or if dizziness or lightheadedness persists.

Activating, Programming and Installing

The Morph Device consists of a battery powered externally affixed generator, 3 wire leads attached to 3 electrode/needle arrays and 1 ground wire. These leads are inserted into the left ear, controlling 85% of the brains ability to transmit pain symptoms, through application to branches of Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX and X.

The exact location of the implantation is identified by an ear map included in the programing box, an impedance meter, knowledge of auricular neuroanatomy and visualization of the neurovascular bundles.

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